Where is the Best Place in the UK For a Hair Transplant?

Generally, patients who travel abroad for a hair transplant procedure should look for the best facilities in the UK. The quality of the service and surgeons in these locations is good, but there are still some places where you can end up with inferior quality and safety standards. Although there are several reputable hair transplant clinics outside the UK, it’s important to remember that some of these clinics cut corners when it comes to safety and quality, which can put your health at risk.

Harley street healthcare

There are many reasons to choose a Harley Street Healthcare clinic for your hair transplant. Their locations in London’s medical district have unbeatable, and their other locations include King Street in Manchester and Birmingham’s Victoria Square. They also have convenient locations in Milton Keynes near the M11, Brentwood Essex, and Manchester. Read on to learn more about Harley Street Healthcare and its hair restoration clinics.

There are eight Harley Street Healthcare clinics throughout the UK, including Manchester. The clinics offer world-class hair restoration surgery, and each location is fully registered with the care quality commission and regulatory standards. They have thousands of satisfied patients, and their doctors are among the most highly-trained in the world. Their staff has at least 35 years of experience, and they feature world-class doctors in dermatology and liposuction.

Patients should arrive at the clinic early for their appointment. Afterwards, they should expect mild swelling, redness, and a scab. They should also plan a few days off work. The small surgical wound will heal in 10 to 14 days, while full recovery may take a bit longer. Patients have encouraged to treat their scalp gently, and should avoid using harsh shampoos for the first three to four weeks.


Transplant Capilclinic

The UK is a top destination for medical tourism, and it’s no surprise that hair transplant clinics have found throughout the country. London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Liverpool have home to most of the top clinics in the country. London is famous for a variety of things, including the London Eye, football, pubs, natural parks, and palaces. Hair transplant patients can take advantage of these great resources, including world-class hospitals and surgeons.

The Westminster Medical Group boasts a number of years of experience and guarantees you a consultation with a leading hair transplant surgeon. The doctors at Westminster Medical Group have performed over 10,000 hair transplants, and you’ll have the chance to meet the doctor performing your procedure during your initial consultation. The Westminster Medical Group’s resident, Dr. Rogers, is one of the pioneers of the Trichophytic closure technique, a revolutionary hair transplant technique. The Westminster Medical Group has over a thousand plastic surgeons and a team of specialists.

The Private Clinic has another excellent option for a hair transplant. This clinic focuses on customer satisfaction. Their doctors have highly experienced, and they remain on the leading edge of new discoveries. This clinic offers high-quality hair transplant results, and the doctors at the clinic have dedicated to your comfort. They also offer excellent patient care and ensure that you’re well-rested before your surgery.

London Hair Transplant Clinic

A London Hair Transplant Clinic offers the highest standards for the best hair transplant results. Their surgical standards have higher than most clinics, and their doctors have renowned for their expertise. A London hair transplant can restore confidence and self-esteem to men who feel they have lost their hair. Here, you’ll treated by doctors with years of experience and a strong track record.

Dr. Mark Tam has the only FUE transplant specialist in London and has won numerous awards for his work. He has also received several awards, including named one of the top hair transplant surgeons in the UK for three years running. To perform FUE hair transplants, Dr. Tam will use a special method to measure hair follicle surface area and calculate the number of follicles needed for a certain density. Dr. Mark Tam is part of a new breed of clinics owned by specialists, meaning that you’ll get a high-quality treatment.

In the United Kingdom, there have plenty of hair transplant clinics. Most of these clinics offer advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment. Many of them have internationally certified, which ensures you’ll get a top-quality hair transplant. In addition, London clinics use the most advanced equipment and techniques to improve their patient’s hair growth and results. Because of their advanced equipment, hair transplants performed in London have generally more successful.

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