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How to Find Flights in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco Styles

Unlike navigational maps or railroad route maps, airline art don’t show much detail on your journey – you only need to know your arrival and departure cities. Perhaps this is a psychological ploy to make flyers fearful of flying feel more comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with that. But nowadays, you can use a website like to plan your next trip. You can find the best flights at the lowest fares in seconds!

Art Nouveau style

When flying, you can find flights in the Art Nouveau style. This architectural style came from Belgium, and its pioneers, Victor Horta and Henry van de Velde, used vigorous curving lines to create furniture and objects. They also employed brass strips in curving forms as decoration. Other artists who influenced this style included H. P. Berlag and Theodor Nieuwenhuis. Here are some examples of buildings in the Art Nouveau style.

Despite being an international style, Art Nouveau has its roots in Europe and the U.S. It has taken many names throughout the world and a few cities have more than one example of this style. In Europe, Art Nouveau is most pronounced in Riga, where one-third of the buildings are designed by Mikhail Eisenstein. It is a style that reflects creativity, and its symmetry and balance are beautiful.

The movement had a brief, but enduring effect. It was a reaction to the historic revivalism that emphasized functionality over ornamentation. The Art Nouveau style helped usher in the modern age by making it popular and bringing Victorian excesses to a dramatic crescendo. It is evident in many things, including Art Deco furniture and dramatic 1960s graphics. In an age of radical change, Art Nouveau was popular among the younger generation that challenged conventional tastes and aesthetics.

Art Nouveau style is a Swan Pharmacy

A great example of a building in the Art Nouveau style is a Swan Pharmacy. This building combines both Art Nouveau style and oriental ceramics. The Swan Pharmacy is now the Art Nouveau Centre. Known as one of the first Art Nouveau buildings in the United States, the Swan Pharmacy was an early example of the style. This building now houses a museum dedicated to this style of architecture. This building has many similarities to the Art Nouveau style, so it is important to look for these in the right location.

The term “Art Nouveau” is a generic term that describes a variety of styles and architecture. It first came from the journal L’Art Moderne in Belgium. The artists involved in this movement were reform-minded painters, sculptors, and designers. This spirit quickly spread throughout Europe. The style has sometimes translated as Jugendstil, Modernismo, or Stile Floreale. When traveling in the Art Nouveau style, sure to check the Art Nouveau style on your airlines map.


Art Deco style

The term “Art Deco” combines two different styles of architecture. It has popularized during the 1925 Paris Exposition. Art Deco buildings have typically elegant and glitzy. They have defined by their symmetrical and geometric patterns, as well as their use of rich materials and metal accents. Art Deco buildings have also characterized by their vertically-oriented forms, which often include rooftop spires or curved ornamental elements. This style has most commonly associated with New York’s skyscrapers and Miami’s pastel-colored buildings, but it has deployed worldwide.

This style has influenced by several movements, including the Bauhaus and the French Revolution. The movement also took inspiration from American Indian and Egyptian art. Often incorporating geometric patterns, it emphasized clean, geometric shapes and simplified designs. Art Deco buildings have also made to last and have incredibly durable. Airlinesmap also features airports designed in Art Deco style. If you’re looking for cheap flights, check out the airlines map!

Headquarters Design Competition

The Chrysler Building is another popular landmark. This building has built by Walter P. Chrysler, who wanted to add elegance to his buildings. The design features a sunburst on the top of the building, with gargoyles on the sides. Art Deco architecture has still widely used in buildings and homes today. In the video game series Bioshock, the city of Rapture is designed in Art Deco style.

The art deco style has introduced to American citizens in 1922 and was popularized by the Chicago Tribune Headquarters design competition. Many buildings in the United States were designed in the Art Deco style and have considered to among the most extravagant structures of the time. Famous architects created more Art Deco buildings during the 1920s. Art Deco has often confused with Art Moderne and became very popular as the 1920s went on. If you’re traveling to the United States, check out the Airline Map for Art Deco style flights.

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