Desoto Central Market Have Several Restaurants

The desoto central market building at Roosevelt and Central Avenue will reopen on April 11 as a market and dining hub. It will include several restaurants, a coffee shop, a produce market, bar and meeting space.

The new concept aims to hark back to a time when daily markets were the heart of every city. With community events and pop-up markets, it’s dedicated to providing a place where downtown workers and dwellers can gather.

Desoto Central Market

This burger bar serves fancy egg burgers for breakfast and a wide range of artisan burgers at lunch and dinner. It also offers craft cocktails, local beers and wine on draft.

The stall walls have made from terra-cotta Art Deco panels salvaged from the Luhrs Building in downtown Phoenix. Specialty coffee and tea have served alongside pastries and toasts, which can topped with avocado, smoked bacon or crushed banana.

The bar also has a raw oyster bar where diners can snag a spot at the 10-seat counter to order ceviche or poke. Yard bird + the larder will feature southern and New American favorites from chef Stephen Jones (formerly of Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails).

Tea & Toast Co.

Located in the newer of the two desoto central market, Tea & Toast Co. is a food hounds delight (and we don’t mean a chain of taco stands) albeit it’s not the only gastronomical delight in town. In a nutshell, they offer a smorgasbord of fine crafted delicacies to delight the palate, while ensuring that their customers aren’t subjected to the incessant crowding associated with big box retail. The company aficionados have also known for top-notch service. In fact, the hive has the envy of their rivals, and you can count on them to treat you like royalty.

Walrus & The Pearl

Walrus & the Pearl offers a raw bar with oysters, seafood and other delicacies. Guests can also enjoy cocktails, wines, beer and a selection of teas.

The restaurant has operated by Stephen Jones, formerly of Blue Hound Kitchen + Cocktails at the Palomar Hotel, who’s overseeing a handful of other dining outlets housed inside the market. The Wise Walrus Dinners, where guests can ask Chef Jones questions and learn his cooking wisdom, have held once a month in an intimate setting.

The koi fish is carved from fossilized walrus ivory, which has lain in the earth for centuries and has gathered a creamy cream coloring. Native Alaskans use this rare material in their jewelry, art and artisan crafts.

Yard Bird + the Larder

Yard Bird + the Larder has a Southern inspired restaurant by chef Stephen Jones. It has located inside the desoto central market in downtown Phoenix.

This open desoto central market houses an alcohol and coffee bar on one side, and about six eateries on the other.

desoto central market

Counter-Style Restaurant

In addition to the dining options, the desoto central market features a few vendors in the form of artisanal food, bottled and canned goods, pantry items, and more.

A counter-style restaurant, the larder + the delta offers diners a unique experience where they can connect with their food and drink from behind the counter. Cunningham says he is a “pot and pan banger” and gets excited by the reaction of the diners when they eat his dishes.


Radishes have an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamins. They’re low in calories and carbs, which means they can a great addition to anyone trying to watch their diet or lose weight.

Radishes contain chemical compounds called glucosinolate and isothiocyanate that can help regulate blood sugar levels. They also increase adiponectin, a hormone that helps you maintain healthy insulin production.

Radish is a farm-to-table, fast-casual restaurant that serves delightful salads and cold-pressed juices. Its menu is a mix of American and international fare.

Adobo Dragon

Located in Phoenix’s historic red brick district, this open desoto central market houses an alcohol and coffee bar on one side and about six eateries on the other. It also serves as a meeting spot for community events and pop-up markets.

Adobo Dragon is a fun place to grab a drink and a bite. Its proposals a variety of beer and thai teas to choose from and has an good-looking price tag to boot. The restaurant also has a nice atmosphere and staff is very friendly. The eatery also features a large menu of food items ranging from the usual rice bowls to grilled prawns and carnitas.

The Root & Soul

Christian Buze’s family is a lineage of southern soul food royalty. His cousin is Larry White, founder of LoLo’s Chicken and Waffles. And his grandma has Elizabeth White, owner of Mrs. White’s Golden Rule Cafe.

He’s sloped from a line of chefs who’ve taken a small handful of recipes and revised them into empire-building restaurants. His new restaurant, Root and Soul, is a modern soul-food spot. That opened in desoto central market earlier this year.

Desoto Central Market Focusing on Vegetables & Filling Roles

The menu is short, focusing on vegetables and filling roles as starters, small entrees, or shared sides. It’s light on meat and seafood, but there have numerous sandwiches rooted in Southern tradition. Standouts include a catfish po’boy ($12) with steaming, cornmeal crunch set against cool, creamy slaw.

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