April Fools Hospital Pranks Play on Your Coworkers or Kids

If you’re looking for some april fools hospital pranks to play on your coworkers or kids this April Fools’ Day, there are plenty of options. But you have to make sure your joke is harmless and doesn’t end up hurting someone.

A student at New Oxford High School in Pennsylvania was recently charged with simple assault after putting Super Glue on a toilet as an April Fools’ Day prank.

April Fools Hospital Pranks

One of the best practical april fools hospital prankss is to fill several urine specimen jars with apple juice, then whip one out and taste it. Depending on the brand of apple juice you use, this could a fun and memorable April Fools’ Day trick. Using the right kind of apple juice can also turn a pregnancy test pink, which is another great trick to try out.

Easy Prank to Pull Off

If you’re looking for the best april fools hospital pranks, you’ll pleased to know that this is actually a very easy prank to pull off, even at home. You’ll just need to prepared to a little giddy, and have the courage to let your partner know you’re up to something fun. The best part is you’ll have a blast doing it!

Kooky Idea that Backfires

The april fools hospital pranks holiday is typically a time to lighten up with pranks that make 8-year-olds giggle, but sometimes it’s a kooky idea that backfires. It’s a reminder of how easily chaos can created by a prank gone wrong.

  • In the short term, most april fools hospital pranks are harmless and cause laughter. But in the long run, they can dangerous and lead to life-altering mistakes.
  • For example, a radio prank that aired in Massachusetts in the 1990s caused a nationwide panic. It reportedly flared tensions between locals and police.

Hiding a Radio in a Desk Drawer

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, try hiding a radio in your coworker’s desk drawer. Just make sure you remove any important paperwork and electronics from the drawer before hiding it in there.

Or, you can swap their pens for something silly like straws or utensils. It’s a fun way to get their attention without making them feel like they’ve robbed. Plus, you’ll sure to have a good laugh once they realize that you stole their favorite writing tools!

april fools hospital pranks

Classic Prank

april fools hospital pranks is a great time to play a little prank on the medical staff. There are many fun ideas out there. You just need to aware of the risks, but the fun can’t denied!

A classic prank, but one that’s also a lot of fun to pull, is putting a fish tank in a filing cabinet. A quick and easy way to accomplish this is by lining the inside of a drawer with a plastic sheet. That’s thick enough to withstand the water, but not so heavy that it collapses.

Putting a Fish Tank in the Filing Cabinet

Next, fill the tank with water and add in a few blingy items like pebbles and fish. You can even add a few live plants, if you have the space, to make it an aquatic oasis that’s sure to impress your coworkers. The best part? This prank can done in the office or at home. It’s a fun little prank that can played by anyone, and it’s a nice reminder to have some fun.

Change a Child’s Bed

If your child’s reached a certain age and you feel it is time to change them from their crib to a toddler bed or big-kid bed, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, make sure they are not climbing out of their crib anymore and are using the mattress at its lowest setting.

Second, make sure their new bed is safe by inspecting the hardware and ensuring it’s securely fastened. You should also steer clear of areas that might pinch your tots. Such as sharp edges or rough spots on the side rails.

April Fools Hospital Pranks

Third, make sure your tot’s bed is positioned away from windows and other hazards that could cause injury, such as heating vents or radiators. You should also avoid placing the bed near electrical outlets or window blind cords.

Once your tot is april fools hospital pranks in their new bed, help them get a good night’s sleep. If they wake up in the middle of the night, reassure them. It’s okay and give them a kiss before walking them back to their bedroom.

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