What is the Best Time for a Desert Safari in Dubai?

There are a few important details you should keep in mind before booking your desert safari in Dubai. For instance, there are many things to consider, such as the time of day. For instance, if you plan to go on a desert safari during the afternoon, it would be better to book a tour around midday. However, if you are planning on going in the evening or at night, you should opt for a tour at dusk.

Desert Safari in Morning

If you love the thrill of the open desert, you should take a desert safari in the morning. Most desert safari operators offer pickup and drop-off service at your home. You can choose to explore the Red Lahbab desert or the Dubai Conservation Reserve, both of which are renowned for their desert camping sites. A desert safari in the morning is an amazing way to enjoy the scenery and see some of the desert’s fossils and ruins.


There are several reasons to visit the Dubai desert in the evening. The temperature drops significantly and the sun doesn’t get as intense. If you’re hesitant to venture out in the heat during the day, you’ll be happier with the evening desert safari. This tour also includes a free Heena tattoo and a barbecue dinner. Despite the coolness of the evening, you’ll still want to pack your essentials like sunscreen and insect repellent.


A desert safari in Dubai can extend into the night. During this time, you will be completely alone and surrounded by millions of twinkling stars. You can enjoy soothing music, refreshing drinks and even Arabic shishas. You can also take part in traditional shows and activities that highlight Arabian culture, including belly dancing and Tanoura dance. At the end of the evening, you’ll enjoy an Arabian barbeque dinner complete with fragrant biryanis and tabbouleh salad.

Desert Safari in Nighttime

Most tourists plan their desert safaris in advance so that they can enjoy the best views. In fact, if you have a short amount of time and are not interested in sandboarding or quad biking, an evening safari is a better option. During this time, the sun is still high in the sky, so you won’t have to deal with the heat and humidity. In addition to a desert safari, you will get to experience dune bashing, sandboarding, and camel riding. There are also plenty of desert safaris available during the day, so you can decide what you’d like to do.

desert safari


When is the best time for a desert safari in Dubai? The best time to go on a desert safari is in November, December, or March. This time of the year is mild and pleasant, with little to no heat. The desert in this region is full of cacti and other desert creatures, including scorpions, lizards, and snakes. Taking pictures of these animals is encouraged, but don’t expect them to pose for you!

Desert Safari in Summer

The UAE’s summers are pleasantly cool, so a desert safari in the summer is the perfect way to escape the heat and enjoy the natural beauty of the region. There are several activities that can keep you entertained during your trip, including fire shows, belly dancing, and Arabic music events. Most safaris are camping experiences, and you’ll enjoy a variety of Middle Eastern cuisine and local beverages. Alcohol isn’t allowed on the safari, but you’ll find plenty of local restaurants and bars that are open to the public.


The temperature in Dubai remains high during the month of March, but it gradually decreases in October. By November, the average temperature is just over twenty-five degrees Celsius, with evenings still comfortable enough for alfresco dining. In fact, November is the best month for desert safaris in Dubai, as the temperatures remain moderately warm all day. Besides, there’s a nice mix of temperature and rainfall during this time of the year.

Desert Safari in Winter

Although summertime in Dubai can be very hot, winters in the desert are a great time for a safari. The temperature is lower in the desert, and you can even enjoy a hot air balloon flight! Winter safaris are especially great for families, as they allow you to ride camels in the desert and see native wildlife. If you’re thinking of taking a desert safari in Dubai, here are some tips to make your trip as comfortable and memorable as possible:

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