The Features and prices of Barrel Sauna

If you’re looking to purchase a barrel sauna, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our listings and compare prices between brands like Thermory and Almost Heaven Saunas to find the perfect one for your home. Once you’ve made a decision, you can then relax in your new sauna. We also have reviews of the best saunas for the price range, so you can compare the features and prices of each.

Thermory barrel sauna

Unlike other barrel saunas, the Thermory’s interior diameter is seven feet three inches. This large diameter allows for optimal seal. It is also made of chemical-free natural Nordic spruce. Combined with the relaxing heat and steam, the sauna will rejuvenate your body and mind. It will also improve joint movement and eliminate built-up toxins. Thermory offers several models, including an economical version that is available for as little as S$1,600.

Relaxing Environment

If you’re looking to add a relaxing environment to your home, you should consider a barrel sauna. Thermory barrels have made to withstand all climates. In fact, these barrels outlast and outperform many traditional saunas. You can find one in many different colors and designs on Thermory’s website. A barrel sauna can customized to reflect your personality and style, and the installation process takes about two days.

barrel sauna

Almost Heaven Saunas

If you have considering building a sauna in your backyard, Almost Heaven Saunas is a brand that you can consider. Their saunas have authentic and traditional, and come with a variety of options for heating. They can either wood-burning or electric. While a sauna will get very hot when heated, you can choose to have it “dry” or “wet” depending on how much moisture is present in the sauna.

Traditional Outdoor Unit

The Almost Heaven Saunas line of saunas includes a traditional outdoor unit for up to six people. There’s also the Allegheny outdoor sauna, which features a wood stove. You can also choose from a wood-burning sauna that features a peaked roof and a front porch. For those who have more averse to outdoor saunas, they have also several indoor saunas offered by Almost Heaven.

Huntington Cedar Electric Canopy Barrel Sauna

The Hudson 4 Person Barrel Sauna is a beautiful addition to your outdoor living space. It features a comfortable interior and spacious exterior porch. The Hudson 4 Person Barrel Sauna is made with smooth, insulating rustic cedar lumber and is secured with stainless steel bands. The door has a large, easy-to-open handle and is insulated by thick, red cedar. The Hudson 4 Person Barrel Sauna is an excellent outdoor option, and it can placed on a porch or patio for added convenience.

barrel sauna

Additional Seating for Family Members

The Huntington Cedar Electric Canopy Barrelled Sauna is available for purchase for $5,520. Its durable construction is durable, and it can reach temperatures of 195 degrees Fahrenheit in under an hour. This sauna features a spacious interior with two long benches. It can accommodate up to six people seated, and built-in seats under the canopied entry provide additional seating for family members.

Almost Heaven Cedar Electric Canopy Barrel Sauna

You can get this barrel sauna with a rustic fir wood finish, or a cedar wood look and aroma. You can even get a clear cedar sauna if you’re interested in getting one with premium lumber. Either way, you’ll get a 1 3/8″ thick sauna with a vista rear window that sits over an electric heater.

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