Servicing My Car – Reasons to book your Car Services Online

With Servicing My Car, you can book a car service online, have your car collected at a convenient time and location, and stay informed of the progress of your vehicle’s repair. You can choose from a variety of repair options and confident that you’re receiving the highest quality service. Their team of industry veterans performs an in-depth quality check, and you can assured that your car will receive a high-quality repair. In addition, their car services offer competitive prices on spare parts and come with a 12-month warranty.

Benefits of regular servicing

The benefits of regular servicing your car are numerous. For example, a well-maintained car can save a considerable amount of fuel. The new oil and air filters in your car will improve its efficiency and save you money on fuel. Regular servicing also takes care of issues like under-inflated tyres. Taking your car for regular servicing will ensure that it runs smoothly for longer periods of time. Furthermore, regular servicing will help you reduce the chance of breakdowns, which are not only inconvenient but also expensive.

Frequent Servicing

Frequent servicing also helps identify problems early on and avoid costly repairs. It also checks for fuel leaks, which waste gas and damage the engine. Regular servicing also gives you an opportunity to repair problems at a time that’s convenient for you. Furthermore, it prevents your car from getting damaged or breaking down. All these are beneficial to your car, so you shouldn’t ignore it! So, why wait until a major problem has occurred?


Costs of Servicing

The costs of car services increase dramatically during the pandemic, particularly if a mechanic is required to order new parts. The pandemic has caused a problem in the supply chain, causing many cars and parts to be unavailable. Batteries, filters, and brake pads are among the parts that often require replacement. In addition, some mechanics charge extra for the labor required to replace these items. This can add up to an additional 20 percent to the overall cost of car services.

Costs Factors

Depending on the type of car, routine maintenance can be as cheap as $0.09 per mile, or as expensive as $1,800 per year. Routine maintenance is crucial for the health of your car, which will prevent costly repairs. AAA also found that the average cost of car maintenance is about $900 per car with 10,000 miles. However, this figure can increase as the age of the car increases. High mileage cars, for example, may need a high-mileage oil, which can add up to another $5-15 to the overall cost.

Booking online

Service My Car is an UAE-based tech-enabled car-servicing platform that offers car owners the convenience of booking car services online. The company digitizes the car-servicing industry, bringing transparency, affordability, and convenience to consumers. The company had founded in 2018 by Ozark Puda, and has its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. Using this service, customers can book appointments for car repairs and maintenance, and get updates on their vehicle’s progress.

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