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This review will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of “”. Although the brokerage does not have a physical presence, it provides a number of free services and features. Besides, it offers many technical tools and charts and zero brokerage for equity delivery. It also provides support for multiple financial assets. However, it lacks Relationship Managers. If you are looking for a good brokerage, consider Dhan.

Advantages of’s brokerage charges are competitive and easy to understand. You only pay a certain amount for each trade, which makes it easy to track the costs of your trades. The other charges, such as account opening and upkeep, are negligible. This makes Dhan an excellent choice for bulk traders. However, you should be aware of the disadvantages of this broker.

Services by

The Dhan brokerage offers a variety of investment products and services, including SIP and ETF services. They also provide regular updates on upcoming IPOs and offer a variety of financial assets. Although they are relatively new to the industry, they have already made an impact with their innovative trading platforms and technologies. However, if you’re looking for a reliable broker, it is important to consider the disadvantages of the company before choosing it.

Zero brokerage on equity delivery

The platform is user friendly and its mobile app places your portfolio above the news and gainers/losers section. The company has no offline branches and does not charge any brokerage for equity delivery. This brokerage charge is zero on all segments of trading, including intraday and futures. You can open a Dhan account online or through the app. The brokerage fee depends on the amount and volume of transactions.

Features of

Dhan is a technology-driven online investment platform that provides unmatched trading experience to both novice investors and super traders. Its products are available at the most affordable price and its zero brokerage policy on equity delivery transactions makes it a good choice for beginners and long term investors alike. Apart from this, it also offers zero brokerage on commodity, intraday and futures trading. These products are available at the best prices in the industry.

No physical branches is an online trading and investing platform, without any physical branches or offices. Dhan promises to charge half of the brokerage fee for female customers until gender parity is achieved. In addition to the online platform, Dhan does not have physical branches and no relationships managers. Dhan does not offer mutual funds, sovereign gold bonds, or derivatives. This is another drawback of Dhan.

User-friendly platform of

Investing & Trading Dhan offers a user-friendly platform, with an intuitive user interface. The app places a user’s portfolio before market news and before the gainers and losers section. Dhan has no physical branches, and accounts cannot be opened offline. The Dhan platform is easy to use and provides features like 1-Tap Reverse Position, Live Market Scanners, and Real Data. Users can also benefit from Direct Trading from Trading View charts, which allows for a quick and convenient transaction.

Multiple technical tools and charts

Dhan Web is an online trading platform that features multiple technical tools and charts, market reviews, and real-time news. It also offers multiple watchlists for tracking hundreds of stocks. Dhan Web users can create and track different segments of stocks, allowing them to find the best opportunities quickly. For even more technical analysis, Dhan Web users can download and view research reports.

Different offers of

Dhan’s web-based trading platform allows you to trade in the Indian stock market. Users can place multiple types of orders using the app. Dhan supports bracket, cover, basket, and after-market orders. This allows traders to reduce their risk and maximize profits by limiting the number of bad moves they encounter. Moreover, Dhan Web is easy to use, with quick order placement.

Research Reports

The stock broking app helps you make smart investments and trades. It provides research reports on stocks and financial assets, along with a specialized Options Trading App. It also promises to charge half the brokerage to female customers until gender parity is achieved. Dhan is not a traditional brokerage with a branch office, relationship manager, or other physical assets. In addition, the Dhan app does not let you invest in mutual funds or sovereign gold bonds.

Watchlists and Analyze options

Its Dhan Web app features several technical tools, charts, market assessments, and research reports for investing and trading. You can also create watchlists to track different segments and invest accordingly. The Dhan app even allows you to trade directly from charts, which is useful for long-term investors. The research reports can also help you monitor your portfolio and analyze your investments. Unlike other apps, Dhan offers research reports on hundreds of stocks.

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