Longino & Cardenal is a Well-Established Italian Company

Longino and Cardenal is a well-established Italian company that’s been traveling the world for over 30 years. The company is dedicated to providing its customers with the freshest raw materials and a range of innovative products. Founded in 1988, the company first began importing fresh caviar from Iran. It repackaged and resold the caviar to restaurants, creating a new business model.

Longino and Cardenal was founded in 1988

A leading Italian food company, Caviar shop Longino & Cardenal, has been searching the world for the best raw ingredients and innovative products. Founded in 1988, this company began as an importer of fresh Iranian caviar, repackaging it and reselling it to hotels and restaurants. It has developed a reputation for providing an unparalleled taste and a luxurious feeling.

Longino and Cardenal Benchmark For Quality Catering

A benchmark for quality catering since 1988, Longino & Cardenal looks for rare and precious foods from around the world to create the next big gastronomic trend. Currently, Longino & Cardenal sells over 1,800 prime products and distributes them through over 70 partners. The company has 4,500 customers throughout Italy, including 80% of Italy’s Michelin-starred restaurants.

Longino and Cardenal

Best Quality Caviar and To Protect the Environment

Today, Longino & Cardenal has stores in Hong Kong, Dubai, and New York. Its mission is to provide customers with the best quality Caviar and to protect the environment. The company employs over 30 people in Italy and five in Hong Kong and the UAE. The company has expanded its business internationally in recent years. Currently, it has a presence in Dubai, where Expo 2020 will take place.

Longino and Cardenal has a High Customer Satisfaction Rate

If you have ever had the privilege of visiting a restaurant serving fine food, you may have noticed the Caviar Shop longino. They specialize in gourmet food and have a high customer satisfaction rate. They use high-quality ingredients, such as a non-intensive production process, to provide the best products to their customers. The quality of their products has been lauded by customers, as they are not only delicious but also come with a great customer satisfaction rate.

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