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Exploring the 5 Benefits of Retractable Dog Leashes for Active Dogs

Retractable dog leashes offer your pet a unique balance of safety and freedom. However, it would help if you only used a retractable leash after your dog is loose-leash trained and has an understanding of the commands: Heel, Watch, Come, and Back.

This also means you should have an excellent recall to prevent your dog from getting into dangerous areas or running off into traffic.


The most significant benefit of retractable leashes is their flexibility. You can extend them to a certain length and give your dog freedom as they explore new areas during walks. This can significantly benefit active dogs needing extra space to burn off energy. Click here for more information.

However, this flexibility comes with some risks. A dog in a retractable can be pulled away from their owner and end up in dangerous situations. They could also get caught on tree branches, rocks, or other obstacles threatening their safety. In addition, they can also get tangled in the cord or wrap around their legs or hands, which could cause serious injury.

Another risk is that you can lose control over your dog when the leash gets out to its entire length. This can lead to them sniffing out trouble, going after dangerous food, or running off to greet other unexpected dogs. It can also reinforce pulling behaviors in a dog who doesn’t know when to stop. This is why many pet parents prefer to use a fixed-length leash with other dogs in crowded or busy places.


There are many essential decisions that pet owners have to make: when to vaccinate, which preventive medications, healthy treats for pets, and what type of leash to use. Some pet parents opt for a retractable leash, believing it gives them the flexibility to control their dog in different environments and situations. However, retractable leashes are not without their risks.

Pets can get injured by the thin cord that extends from the leash, injuring their neck or throat – potentially leading to long-term health problems. They can also be entangled in the cord, which can lead to severe cuts and burns, as well as losing limbs in extreme cases.

In addition, a retractable leash can cause tripping hazards. The cord can pile up, leading to injuries to humans and pets. It is also possible for the handle of the leash to drop, which can scare your pet or allow them to run away. As a result, it is best to stick with basic leashes that offer an unchanging length when using a retractable leash.


Using a retractable leash gives your dog more room to roam while allowing them to be close to your side. This can make them more comfortable during walks, especially in crowded environments with many people and dogs.

If you use a retractable leash to walk your dog, it’s essential to ensure that your dog is adequately trained to walk on a loose leash. If your dog suddenly lunges after something, like a squirrel or another dog, they may receive a strong jolt that can harm their trachea. Additionally, if they come across an aggressive dog and you are unable to retract the leash in time, it can lead to a fight, causing severe injuries to both dogs. Therefore, training your dog to walk on a loose leash before using a retractable leash is crucial.


Having a retractable leash allows you to give your dog the freedom to roam in appropriate situations, which is beneficial for many active dogs who are often constrained by short leashes. This gives your dog the ability to burn energy they often bottle up during walks and helps them calmer once the walk is over.

However, allowing your pet to roam fully while staring at their surroundings or engaging in other activities is not ideal. It can lead to dangerous scenarios like running into a person, animal, or vehicle. It also teaches your dog that pulling gives them more freedom and reinforces the behavior.

If you’re going to use a retractable leash, it’s essential to train your dog with additional commands like Leave It, Watch Me, and Heel. This will help prevent them from getting into garbage or other dangers and make the experience safer for you both! Also, consider teaching your dog a strong recall so they can return to you immediately when the time calls.


While short, traditional leashes can be practical; sometimes a dog needs more freedom to roam during their walks. Retractable dog leashes provide this for them. When properly used, they can be an excellent tool for helping your pet burn off some bottled-up energy while still under your control and supervision.

While a retractable leash can offer great flexibility, gaining complete control over your pet at extended lengths can be difficult, especially in high-risk situations like traffic. Depending on the leash model, it may take up to 30 seconds for you to reel your dog back in if they wander off too far – during which time they could sniff out danger or find themselves facing a potentially aggressive or frightened animal.

Similarly, all long leashes, whether retractable or not, can get tangled up, caught, or wrapped around trees, rocks, or other terrain. This can be dangerous for you and your dog, resulting in serious injury. This is why choosing a quality leash with tangle-free design features is critical for any retractable leash owner.

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