Dual Shade Features and Types from Hunter Douglas

Duolite(r) is a dual shade feature from Hunter Douglas that changes the light in your home. You can use this shade for full light while the window is open or for soft natural light. If you want a darker environment, you can also use the room darkening option. Hunter Douglas offers three different types of Duolite. These shades are available in various styles and fabrics. You can find the perfect one for your home and make the most of your windows.

Enlightened Style Dual Shades

The Enlightened Style Dual Shades combine solid and sheer fabric bands, offering a modern solution for view-through, light control and privacy. Not available in Canada, these shades offer the flexibility to move up and down as desired, enabling you to adjust the amount of light and privacy they block. In fact, they can even be raised or lowered, giving you the freedom to customize them to suit your individual needs.

Double cell cellular shades

Single and double cell cellular shades offer different degrees of energy efficiency. Single cell shades provide the simplest look with fewer rows of cells, while double cell shades offer greater insulation against outside temperatures. Single and double cell shades are both great for blocking light, while single cell styles are better for privacy. Double cell shades are also more durable than single cell types. Iconic Blinds Company is proud to offer double cell cellular shades.

Most Energy-Efficient Window Coverings

Cellular shades are known to be the most energy-efficient window coverings available. The pockets in cellular shades act as an insulating barrier for the room, which means your energy bill will be reduced. Double cell shades have twice the number of air pockets, ensuring that your home is always at a comfortable temperature. These shades can help you save money on your energy bills by up to 30%.

Hunter Douglas Duolite(r)

Hunter Douglas Duolite(r) shades combine two fabric panels into one shade. Each panel contains fabric that blocks light while filtering it. Each panel can be adjusted independently of one another, providing light filtering or blocking privacy for a room. Duolite window shades also have Privacy Sheers, a fabric facing that rotates with the window. This type of window covering allows occupants to choose how much light they want to filter.

Hunter Douglas Dual Shade

This innovative product line from Hunter Douglas features the exclusive feature of dual opacity on a single roller. Because this design utilizes a single PowerView Automation motor, it can be mounted in a window with a smaller depth than dual roller shades. The resulting depth is less than half the depth of a dual roller system, which makes it ideal for smaller windows. The benefits of Hunter Douglas Duolite shades are that they are highly functional, look great, and are made of quality materials.

Hunter Douglas Enlightened Style Dual Shades

These cellular shades have made with a unique construction that resembles honeycombs. Cellular shades have available in single and double cell options. These shades have perfect for controlling sunlight in a room without covering up any view. Cellular shades are also great for larger specialty windows. Although these shades don’t look very fashionable, they provide the same functionality as traditional window treatments. They have available in a variety of styles and colors to match your decor.

Roman Shades

If you’re looking for a new window covering for your home, consider roman shades. Roman shades offer many benefits for your home. They’re affordable and durable, and they offer the right amount of privacy and light control. The downside is that they require a lot of upkeep. Still, roman shades can a great option if you have lots of windows to cover. If you want to learn more about roman shades, keep reading.


Originally, the Romans hung damp fabrics on windows to block out dust. In the 16th century, they have brought to Europe by Venetian merchants. Even in modern homes, roman shades add color, pattern, and texture. Roman shades can made with flat or pleated panels, or with a relaxed or soft fold. Whatever your decorating needs, Roman shades can help you create the perfect look. The sheer, motorized, or cordless versions offer a range of functions and designs.

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