Document Verification is the Process of Comparing an Image

To determine if there have been any document verification. It uses pixel-matching technology to identify inconsistencies and parts of a manipulated image. The technology is cross-platform and can be used on all types of websites. It can be integrated into customer registration and verification pages to ensure that the authenticity of the images. It is an end-to-end document verification solution, with a unified API that can be used globally.

Face Verification

Shufti Pro is a leading identity verification company that provides its customers with comprehensive services in the field. They work with a wide range of industries to streamline onboarding processes and prevent fraud. Their services include facial biometric identification, identity document verification, video-interview KYC, address verification, consent verification, and biometric sign-in with facial recognition.

Document Verification Process

During the document verification process, the Shufti Pro will verify the name, date of birth, and other information on the document. It will then perform AML based background checks on the data collected. Whether the document is handwritten or printed, it will pass the verification process. Moreover, Shufti Pro will extract the name and dob keys from the document service.

Offers Authentication of Identity Documents

The company recently won the ‘Best RegTech Startup’ award from Tracxn, the startup data platform. This award acknowledges the company’s breakthrough in the field of identity verification. Shufti Pros has developed a platform that can verify the identity of people living in China. It offers authentication of identity documents in multiple languages and is compatible with all major Chinese identity documents.

Document Verification Software

With document verification software, your customers can be sure that the information on their documents are correct. Shufti Pros uses pixel matching technology to identify inconsistencies and parts of altered images. The software is compatible with most computing languages and can be easily integrated into customer registration or verification pages. The service also offers an end-to-end solution with a single unified API for global access.

Shufti Pro’s Technology

Founded by a group of fintech professionals, Shufti Pro’s technology uses digital image tamper detection to detect document tampering. It also processes document images through an optical illusion that helps prevent document forgery.

2-Factor Authentication

If you need a second factor of authentication to keep your users’ accounts secure, Shufti Pros’ Document Verification 2-factor authentication service may be the right choice. The software is able to verify various types of documents, including passports, ID cards, driving licenses, and debit/credit cards. It will verify data from all of these different types of documents based on their contents. The key is to have a valid BASE64-encoded string or an empty string.

Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence

The service uses artificial intelligence and human intelligence to verify identity documents in real time, resulting in a secure, safe, and convenient authentication solution. It can verify identity documents in 150 languages and 230+ countries, and screen them against 1700 watchlists.

Consent Verification

The Shufti Pro software provides document verification for a wide range of documents, including passports, ID cards, driving licenses, debit/credit cards, and more. Users can verify data from multiple document types, including handwritten documents. The software can also check for text presence on the document.

Different ID Document Types and 150 Languages

The application supports more than 3,000 different ID document types and 150 languages. It is easy to use and is an ideal solution for businesses, government agencies, and other organizations. This system will ensure that your data is secure and confidential. It will also ensure that you meet the GDPR requirements for data protection.

AML screening

Shufti Pro’s Document Verification AML screening solution combines artificial intelligence with human intelligence to reduce the risk of fraud. The company’s service offers multi-layered risk cover and is available in 230 countries. It verifies identity documents in 150 languages and screens against over 1700 watchlists. Its services can be used by large global enterprises.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Using this solution, banks and financial institutions can avoid fraud by preventing suspicious activity by identifying tampered documents. The software uses digital image tamper detection technology to detect and counter the smallest tampering or document forgery.

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