Digital Business Card from QR Code Chimp

A digital business card is a profile page you create online, where users can visit and save your contact details. It can help you save a great deal of time by avoiding the hassle of manually entering your contact details. QR Code Chimp is a free online tool that lets you easily create mobile-friendly digital business cards. It’s easy to use, requires little technical know-how and has a low learning curve. It also allows you to add other components and customize the URL.

vCard Plus

The vCard Plus digital business card from QR Code Chimp is a powerful application that extends the functionality of a traditional business card. It features a save to phone button, URL, social media channels, landing page, profile photo, and custom colors. It also enables the user to customize their QR Code for use on multiple devices.

Contact Details

When viewed on a smartphone or tablet, vCard Plus QR Codes direct users to your contact details, social media profiles, or landing page. You can also embed your vCard Code on your resume or other documents. With vCard Plus, you can improve your chances of getting hired.

Share Contact Details

The vCard Plus QR code can be scanned by any smartphone, making it an ideal tool to share contact details. By creating a digital business card, you can easily share your contact details with potential clients or business partners. And with a vCard, you can add your business logo to improve brand awareness.

Physical Business Card

A physical business card only has limited space for details. A digital business card has plenty of space for in-depth information. You can even include images, social media profiles, and web links. It is an ideal tool for sales reps who want to foster relationships with potential customers. The vCard Plus is completely customizable and allows for real-time updates. The software also allows for mobile-friendly design, so you can use it on any device.

Important Factor

Another important factor to consider when creating a digital business card is the security. Physical business cards can spread viruses and the risk of COVID-19 is higher than it is with a digital business card. QRCodeChimp allows you to integrate your vCard Plus QR Code in your business card. The vCard Plus also provides the ability to add call-to-action text and links. Unlike traditional business cards, it also allows you to track and analyze your QR Codes, label them, and even organize them into folders.

QR Code Reader

QRCodes with vCards can be scanned by almost any QR code reader or smartphone. This allows users to save your contact information instantly. This improves your reach and expands your network. Additionally, you can add more information and images to your digital business card, making it more engaging and memorable.


A vCard QR code can be a very effective digital marketing tool. It can be used to communicate a variety of details about a business. It’s also a very affordable option. Unlike a physical business card, a vCard QR code can be customized, which can help to increase engagement levels. For example, if you’re a personal trainer, you may want to include a vCard QR Code on all your business cards. It will allow people interested in fitness to connect with you.

Information Up-To-Date

In addition to being mobile-friendly, a vCard digital business card allows you to keep your contact information up-to-date and accessible at all times. Unlike a paper business card, a vCard digital business cards also allow you to add images and social media profiles. This feature allows you to share your business card with others and create connections with the people who matter the most to you.

Types Of vCard QR Codes

There are two types of vCard QR codes available at vCard Plus. vCard is the standard option, while the vCard Plus option allows you to share more information and customize your card. The vCard version will link to your contact information, while the vCard Plus version will redirect visitors to a customized profile page. The vCard Plus QR code also allows you to add images and social media links to your contact details.

Popular Marketing Tool

The vCard digital business card is becoming a popular marketing tool. QRCodeChimp’s vCard Plus solution allows you to create a QR code business card and customize it to suit your business needs. Your employees can use the vCard QR code to share contact details with their potential clients. This feature makes your business cards more engaging to clients, and helps your network grow more quickly.

Traditional Business Cards

While traditional business cards are often the first step in networking, digital business cards have the potential to make the entire process a lot more efficient. With a digital business card that contains all the essential information, your connections will be able to make an informed decision about you and your company. This can lead to increased sales and increased profits.

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