Amion | Amion Doximity is a Healthcare Software Company

Amion Doximity is a healthcare software company that goes beyond traditional phone calls to help doctors work smarter. Their features include physician scheduling, messaging, and calendaring. And they have a growing user base, with over 10 million users worldwide. Among the features of Doximity are telehealth capabilities, which it launched in April. They also recently acquired THEMED, a healthcare staffing company, and have rebranded it as Curative to focus on personalized search.

Physician Scheduling App Amion

Doximity, a network for healthcare professionals, has acquired the on-call physician scheduling app Amion. The two companies have planning to develop a portfolio of digital tools to help healthcare professionals manage their schedules. The deal is expected to close by April 1, 2022.

Web-Based Physician Scheduling Application

It is a web-based physician scheduling application that lets administrators post and manages physician schedules. Physicians can view, edit, and send pages and get instant notifications when their schedules change. They can also sync their work schedule with their personal calendars. Moreover, they can submit special requests and swap shifts online. The application also provides HIPAA-compliant platform communication.

To Access Amion

To access Amion – Physician Scheduling, go to the App Store and click on the GET button. Enter your Apple ID and password to download the app. Once you have the application, you can access it by tapping the GET button.

Application for Physicians and Hospital Administrations

Amion is an application for physicians and hospital administrations that lets staff view schedules, submit pages and sync work schedules with personal calendars. They can also submit special requests and swap shifts online. It has partnered with Doximity to make sure that healthcare providers can communicate securely and stay on top of patient and staff needs.


Networking Platform for Medical Professionals

Doximity is a networking platform for medical professionals, and its acquisition of it will expand its portfolio of digital tools for medical professionals. The company is already a leading digital platform for U.S. healthcare professionals, managing the schedules of nearly 200,000 doctors and hospitals in the U.S. The deal is expected to close in early April.

Work Schedules with Personal Calendars

Physician Calendar is an app that allows doctors and other healthcare professionals to post their schedules online and view staff assignments. This application syncs work schedules with personal calendars, allows staff to submit special requests and swap shifts online and is HIPAA-compliant. The application is also integrated with Doximity, a professional network of physicians, to help physicians stay organized and connected.

Physician Calendar

Amion – Physician Calendar is available on the Google Play store. It has excellent ratings and reviews and over 50,000 downloads. The average user aggregate rating is 2.8 stars. It is worth noting that most applications have developed for mobile platforms. This means that apps like PUBG and Snapseed have available on iOS and Android platforms. There are even Android emulators for PC users who wish to use apps for different platforms.

Amion Features

In addition to scheduling, it also offers messaging and on-call scheduling features. It also features customizable calendars and team messaging. The app also allows you to view schedules by week and month. Additionally, it displays colored dots on the calendar to let your team know who’s on call and when.

Physician Calendar Download Rank

Amion – Physician Calendar is an app developed by Doximity, Inc. It is a physical calendar that is available for download from the Google Playstore. It has installed on more than 50,000 devices and has good ratings. Its average user aggregate rating is 2.8 stars. This app is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

Amion is Available for Both Free and Paid Versions

The Amion – Physician Calendar has a high download rank in the United States and other countries. The app is available for download on the Android platform for free. The app’s download rank in the Android Medical category is very high and it is available for both free and paid versions. The developer has partnered with Doximity, a physician social network.

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