6 Sports Betting Factors That Affect Over/Under Bets

When betting on over/under bets, you need to consider more than just the total score. The setting of the over/under number will be affected by factors like weather, travel, fatigue, and matchup style. While these may not jump out at you, sports books will take all of these factors into account when setting the number. If you want to win more bets, you need to understand the factors involved.


One factor that impacts over/under bets is weather. For example, windy conditions can cause routine fly balls to turn into home runs. Snow can also affect baseball betting, making it more difficult for players to hit a ball and to make contact with it. In addition, the wind can affect both teams’ fly balls, reducing their runs totals or increasing them. Therefore, betting on the weather for a game is only worth it if you have found an angle.

The old saying, “If the forecast calls for a snowstorm, the over/under will be lowered by a massive number of points,” may have been coined by Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner. As a result, many NFL football betting enthusiasts fret over the weather, and bet accordingly. In this article, we’ll look at the different ways the weather affects over/under bets.


The first step in making a winning Over/Under bet is to research the game. Identify any outside influences that could affect the game. Games played in the wind or rain tend to have lower scores. Often, weather plays just as much of a factor as any other. Take into account each team’s strengths and weaknesses and analyze the environment they will be playing in. Consider whether the weather is going to affect the game.



Despite what most people think, fatigue does play a role in sports, and understanding how fatigue affects athletes can give you an advantage on the over/under. While fatigue is a common factor in heavy-contact sports, it can affect athletes in any sport, including golf. Here are some ways to consider fatigue and make your bets accordingly. To understand fatigue, you can start by understanding the three main factors that affect athlete performance: schedule, travel, and usage.

Fatigue can make an athlete perform below their maximum potential. The good news is that these factors can pay off big for bettors who know how to recognize them. For example, the fatigued players of a team can dramatically change the odds and affect the overall outcome of a game. As such, if you are betting on a favorite team and they are tired, your odds can change dramatically.

Matchup style of Betting

Over/under bets depend on various factors, such as player and team matchups. A strong starting pitcher and deep bullpen can help you make under bets. However, a powerful infield and power hitters can help you make Over bets. Public opinion can also influence your picks. Finally, keep in mind that the weather can make or break an Over/Under bet.

Public opinion of Betting

How does public opinion affect over/under bets? Many factors influence public opinion. While not all of them are based on hard facts, identifying them can give you the edge you need to bet against the crowd. Media narratives, star players, and team reputations are all common influences. Media narratives often influence public opinion, so betting against the crowd can be a profitable strategy. However, you must know how to spot them.

Generally, under bets are better in games with a high-scoring offense against a weak defense. While the general public tends to back overs, the opposite is true for moneyline bets. A slight chance that offense will run wild makes the public go all in. Often, underdogs can upset the overs. Regardless of the public’s opinion, over/under bets are still a good strategy for betting against the crowd.

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